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From the author of Allocating Your Online Marketing Budget

Allocating Your Online Marketing Budget

How much money and effort should you expend on each of these marketing activities? That’s naturally going to vary from company to company, and be influenced by the goals that you set for your web marketing activities. But there are some general guidelines that you can use.

To start, you should organize your web marketing activities into three categories:

  • Home base, the central hub of all your online activities. This includes your website and blog, including search engine marketing and optimization.
  • Outbound communication, activities designed to attract new customers. This includes PPC and display advertising, email marketing, and online PR activities.
  • Two-way communication, activities that encourage communication between you and existing customers. This includes social networking, podcasts, videos, and other such community-building activities.

With your activities thus categorized, you can pretty safely allocate a third of your web marketing budget to each category. That's a rough guideline but one that most often works—and ensures an equal focus on your home base, new customer acquisition, and customer networking.

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