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This chapter is from the book

Key Points

The key takeaways to remember from this chapter are to

  • Establish a governance plan to ensure quality and relevance of content and ensure that all users understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Make sure that you have a Governance Board or Steering Committee with a strong advocate in the role of Executive Sponsor.
  • Keep your governance model simple. Solutions need a strong governance model, but they don't need complicated models with lots of bureaucracy.
  • Don't make the solution itself more complicated than it needs to be. Be careful about "over designing." Just because SharePoint has a cool feature doesn't mean that you need to deploy it—at least not right away.
  • Ensure that all users with design or Full Control privileges have internalized your design guiding principles and that content contributors understand guiding principles related to content.
  • Think about how you will ensure compliance with your governance plan over time, particularly for highly visible sites. You may want to carefully monitor and review some sites and only spot-check others.
  • An effective governance plan doesn't have to constrain every move—it has to provide guidance to users to ensure that your solution remains effective and vibrant over time.
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