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How Do I Create a Governance Plan?

If you are documenting your governance plan for the first time, you will probably find it most effective to put together a small team to help define the key "framing" decisions for governance and then divide up the work to document the details among the team members. The team should clearly include representatives from IT who are responsible for overall IT system use policies, but you will also want to include representatives from the team responsible for system maintenance within IT and outside of IT, people who can represent the interests of those responsible for training, human resources, corporate communications, and if this role exists, people responsible for knowledge management in the organization.

Use the vision statement your SharePoint project sponsors and stakeholders established as a foundation for your governance plan. Identify the basic governance principles at a high level before beginning to draft the actual governance plan. Meet with team members who have the appropriate expertise to draft sections addressing how the various aspects of your environment will be managed. Review each major component of your plan with sponsors, stakeholders and core team members to ensure you are in agreement about the major components of the plan: vision, guiding principles, roles and responsibilities, and key policy decisions.

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