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Getting Directions and Using Bookmarks

Getting directions, and helping you follow them, is one of the most useful things a portable device can do. With iPad, directions are uniquely functional, due to the size of the display and the way you manipulate the screen directly.

Follow these steps to view directions:

  1. To make entering directions easier, first find the start and end points onscreen (if neither of them is your current location, or already a Recent), as described in the previous section. The start or end point will now appear in the Recents list for searches, making it easy to select for directions.
  2. To make a point a Bookmark, touch its pin to open the information area for it, as described in the previous section. Press Add to Bookmarks; the Add Bookmark window will open. Edit the name, using the onscreen keyboard, and press Save.
  3. To begin getting directions, press the Directions button in the upper right. Or, from a location description or a Bookmark (press the Bookmarks icon), press the Directions To Here button or the Directions From Here button. The Start-End area appears in the upper right corner of the screen. The Start and/or End areas may be filled in with Current Location or a spot that you specified.
  4. To enter or change the Start location, press in the first area. A list of Recents appears, and the onscreen keyboard appears as well, as shown in Figure 10.6.
    Figure 10.6

    Figure 10.6 Recents and Bookmarks help you generate directions quickly and easily.

  5. Press a Recent to choose it, or enter an address using the onscreen keyboard, as described in the previous section.
  6. Enter the End location—press in the Destination area to search, use a Recent, or use a Bookmark, as described in the previous steps. The End location appears onscreen, as does a strip to select Driving, Transit, or Walking directions.
  7. Choose Driving, Transit, or Walking. For Transit, press the Time button and then press Depart to enter the time of departure or arrival, as shown in Figure 10.7.
    Figure 10.7

    Figure 10.7 You can select Driving, Transit (with times), or Walking directions, and view estimated travel time, distance, and/or cost for each.

  8. Press Start to view the directions. The directions appear in the strip at the bottom of the screen.
  9. To see step-by-step directions, press the arrow keys at the bottom of the screen. To see complete directions, press the list icon; the list of steps appears onscreen, as shown in Figure 10.8.
Figure 10.8

Figure 10.8 This directions list shows walking, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stops, and costs.

You can pinch to zoom and drag the map "underneath" the list, or turn the iPad to portrait or landscape mode, without disturbing the directions list or changing its relative location, to get the most useful information onscreen at once.

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