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From the author of Supercharged Group By Options

Supercharged Group By Options

When you use the Arrange by Folder option for a library, you can also choose the group files by one of the other arrange by options available in that library. To view these options:

  1. Open a library.
  2. Choose Arrange By Folder.
  3. Right-click anywhere in the main pane of the library and select Group By.

Figure 11 illustrates grouping a Documents library by Type.

Figure 11

Figure 11 Documents library arranged by Folder, grouped by Type.

You can also specify whether to sort the contents in ascending or descending order from the Group By menu.

In addition to the default Group By options listed for each library, you can click More and choose from many additional options. Any items you select from the More menu (Figure 12) are also visible if you choose the Details view for the folder or library (see next section).

Figure 12

Figure 12 Selecting additional Group By details.

To disable all group by settings, select None from the Group by menu.

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