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Make the Call to Action

Because AdWords ads link back to your website, you want the potential customer to do something. We're not talking generic image advertising here; there's a specific action response you're looking for from your customers.

To that end, your ad copy needs to include a strong call to action. You have to ask the customer to do something before they'll do anything at all.

What's a good call to action? Here are some common ones:

  • Order now
  • Buy now
  • Subscribe
  • Download your free trial
  • Sign up
  • Get a quote
  • Learn more
  • Read our brochure
  • Request more information
  • Browse our site
  • Join us today
  • Start now

Notice what's not on this list? It's the phrase "Click here." Asking someone to click your ad is not a good call to action for a number of reasons. First, it's implied in all pay per click ads; the title is a hyperlink, after all. Second, Google doesn't like to see that phrase, and may reduce your quality score and your ad placement if you include it. Third, clicking isn't really what you want users to do; you want them to get more information or buy now or something similar.

You need to focus, then, on the final action you want people to perform. Identify what you want them to do, then ask them to do it. Without a call to action, your ad is just a bunch of words on the page.

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