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Focus on Benefits

Magic words are great, but you still have to tell the reader about whatever it is you're offering. Now, you don't have much space to do this — just two short lines of copy, each 35 characters long. That means you can't spell out a complete list of product features; there's just not enough space for that.

Instead, you have to focus on the benefits — that is, how the customer will benefit from buying what you're selling. If you're selling a vacuum cleaner, don't talk about its powerful motor or fancy floor attachments; instead, tell people about how they'll "clean floors fast" or "pick up stubborn dirt." Tell readers what's in it for them.

Your copy has to show the reader how to save money, how to get something done, how to learn something important, how to do something better. The best copy helps the reader solve some sort of problem, or answers a question they might have. What does the customer need to do that your product does? That's the solution to push in the body of your ad.

Include Specifics

Effective AdWords ads include specifics — percentages, dollar amounts, product names, and the like. The more specific you can get, the better.

For example, you can show users how to "Save 20%," "Increase profits by 25%," or buy something for "$29.99." Specific numbers add credibility to any advertising claim and provide a benchmark for readers to identify with.

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