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From the author of Strategy #4: Bid the Bare Minimum

Strategy #4: Bid the Bare Minimum

When budget takes precedence over results, you know the strategy to adopt: Bid the lowest amount you can to still show up for the game. With this strategy, it’s all about bidding low to work within a specified budget.

As you might suspect, this strategy is unlikely to land you one of the top positions on Google’s search results pages. In fact, if you’re too cheap about it, you might not even be displayed at all, especially with popular keywords. But you will ensure that you don’t bust your budget, which may matter to management.

That said, you may end up with better results than you planned, especially if you maintain a high quality score, which can pull up your position compared to lower-performing competitors. You’ll probably never rise to the top spot, but you may still end up on the first page or two of search results.

If you to go this route, use manual bidding and always bid at the lower end of the suggested range. You should also consider not bidding on keywords that are estimated to have a high CPC; you may get better results bidding on less popular keywords that aren’t being bid up by competitors.

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