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Customizing a Theme

Starting to customize a theme is easy. The tricky part is stopping!

Follow these steps to customize a theme for your tumblog:

  1. Choose a theme, as described in the previous section.
  2. In the Customize area, click the Theme menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Theme menu and click the Use Custom HTML button.

    The HTML and CSS code for your theme displays, as shown in Figure 5.7. To see the Help page for HTML shown in Figure 5.4, click Theme Docs.

    Figure 5.7

    Figure 5.7 HTML and CSS code are behind your Tumblr theme.

  4. Make changes to the HTML and CSS for your theme. To preview the pages, click Update Preview.

    The preview beneath your theme is updated.

  5. Continue making changes until you're happy with the result.
  6. Copy and paste your HTML and CSS into a document using Windows Notepad or any other text editor; then save it so you have a copy.

    You can get a free text editor for your specific type of computer on sites such as CNET's Download.com.

  7. Click the Theme menu to hide the customized HTML.

    You can continue using the changed HTML as long as you like.

If you think you've created a good theme, go to the Theme Garden, as described in the previous section. (Going to the Theme Garden loses any unsaved changes to your custom HTML, which is why it's always good to save your custom work first.) In the Theme Garden, click the Submit a Theme button to upload your theme for consideration by the gurus at Tumblr. The submission screen is shown in Figure 5.8. Note the admonition: "Themes that are unattractive or lacking functionality may be rejected at our moderator's discretion."

Figure 5.8

Figure 5.8 You can submit your Theme to Tumblr's Theme Garden.

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