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From the author of Simple Setup

Simple Setup

You might be dreading the thought of setting up Exchange. You're probably thinking there are a lot of tricky settings you'll have to make because, after all, it is a very complicated program.

But don't sweat it. You're using a Mac. Remember? Setting up Exchange is effortless if your IT department enables Exchange Autodiscovery.

If you are connected to the corporate network (behind the firewall), all you have to do is open Preferences in Mail, select the Accounts panel, and create a new account. Then you enter your Exchange user name and password.

Mail downloads the necessary user information from the Exchange server and configures your settings. At this point Mail, iCal, and Address Book are ready to use with Exchange.

Of course, manual setup is also supported and can be accomplished remotely via most Virtual Private Network connections. Even manual setup is easy.

The only piece of information required by setup that you probably don't know off the top of your head is the fully qualified domain name for your organization's Exchange Client Access Server (CAS). You can obtain this information from your IT department.

Additionally, before you try to remotely install an Exchange account in Mac Mail using Exchange Autodicovery, check with your IT department to make sure the following requirements are met:

  • Exchange Server 2007 must have Update Rollup 4/Service Pack 1 installed.
  • Exchange Web Services (EWS) must be enabled on the Exchange server. Although EWS is enabled by default in Exchange 2007, your IT department could have disabled it. (If your company does not allow outside access to the corporate network, then EWS is most likely disabled.)
  • Port 443 must be open so that Snow Leopard can use SSL to connect to EWS.

Full Speed Ahead

Okay, now you have everything you need to function in the PC world with a Mac. You should feel like a Maserati. Put the pedal to the metal!

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