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Define Relationships

Normally, in regular Excel you would be creating VLOOKUPs to match the two tables. It is far easier in PowerPivot. Follow these steps:

  1. You will be linking from one column in your main table to a column in another table. To simplify the relationship process, navigate to your main table and select a cell in the column from which you will be linking.
  2. Click the Design tab in the PowerPivot Ribbon.
  3. Select Create Relationship. The Create Relationship dialog appears. By default, the selected table and column will appear in the first two fields, as shown in Figure 2.15.
    Figure 2.15

    Figure 2.15 Define a relationship between tables. By selecting the key column before starting, 2 of the 4 fields are populated.

  4. If you skipped step 1 and the correct table is not shown in the Table drop-down, then select Demo from the Table drop-down.
  5. If you did not select the correct column in step 1, open the Column drop-down. Select StoreID.
  6. Open the Related Lookup table drop-down. Select StoreInfo.
  7. Open the Related Lookup Column drop-down and select Store (see Figure 2.16).
    Figure 2.16

    Figure 2.16 This simple dialog replaces the VLOOKUP.

  8. Click Create. You've now created a relationship between the two tables.
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