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From the author of More Traffic = More Clicks

More Traffic = More Clicks

Now we come to the most effective way to increase your ad revenue—by increasing your site’s traffic. It’s simple math; the more visitors you have, the greater the opportunities for ad clicks. A site with 1,000 visitors per month is going to generate far fewer clicks than a site that gets 100,000 visitors during the same time frame. Increase your site traffic and you’ll see a corresponding increase in advertising revenue.

This might seem like a blatantly obvious fact, but you’d be surprised how many webmasters want to focus on all sorts of arcane tricks for increasing advertising clicks, when instead they should be focusing their attention on doing whatever it takes to increase their site’s traffic. All the positioning and formatting in the world won’t increase click-throughs if there aren’t any people visiting the page in the first place.

How do you increase site traffic? This is core to website marketing, and can involve lots of different activities. Promotion is certainly key, as is search engine optimization and doing your own advertising (via Google AdWords, of course). But the most effective way to increase site traffic is to improve your site’s content. Make the content more relevant and more authoritative, and you’ll attract more visitors—and those visitors will click your ads.

Having better, more focused content will also improve the quality of the ad matching that Google does. That is, the easier it is for Google to determine what your page is about, the more relevant the ads it can place on that page. This argues not only for better quality content, but also for content that is more focused on a single topic area. It also doesn’t hurt if your content is unique, and not found on dozens of other sites.

The bottom line is that better, more useful website will generate more traffic, more clicks, and more advertising revenue. There’s really no secret to it; create a better website and you’ll profit from your actions.

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