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Partial Classes

Partial classes enable you to split the declaration of a class into multiple parts, typically across multiple files. Partial classes are implemented in exactly the same way as normal classes but contain the keyword partial just before the class keyword. When working with partial classes, all the parts must be available during compilation and have the same accessibility to form the complete class.

Code-generation tools, such as the visual designers in Visual Studio, which generate a class for you representing the visual control being designed, use partial classes extensively. The machine-generated code is added to one part of the partial class, allowing you to modify the other part of the partial class without concern that your changes will be lost when the machine-generated portion is regenerated.

Partial classes can also be used in other scenarios that don't involve machine-generated code. Large class declarations can benefit from using partial classes; however, this can sometimes mean that your class is trying to do too much and would be better split into multiple classes.

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