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From the author of Hiding Your Information from Other Websites

Removing Unwanted Fan Pages

Remember when I said that Bruce Springsteen was my new friend? Actually, Facebook enrolled me as a "fan" of Bruce, so that I now "like" the Boss' Facebook fan page—and display all his posts on my Wall. That may not sound like a big deal, but I now also "like" every single musician, movie, and activity I had listed in my profile. That's a lot of pages to "like."

To be fair, Facebook at one point displayed a window asking my permission to do this, in so many words; you probably saw a similar notice and did what I did, which was to give blanket approval. Not a good move, as it turns out, but one you can correct.

To remove your allegiance to unwanted fan pages, pull down the Account menu and select Edit Friends. When the next page appears, click Pages in the sidebar.

Figure 6 Viewing—and removing—Facebook pages.

This displays a complete list of all the fan pages to which you're subscribed; there are probably a lot more here than you might have thought. To "unlike" a particular page, click the X on the far right side of the listing. When you do this, you're no longer a "fan" and will no longer receive updates from that person or company or group. Problem solved!

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