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From the author of Setting Custom Sharing Options

Hiding Your Information from Other Websites

One big concern with Facebook users is how much of their information Facebook shares with other websites. Facebook is on a drive, it seems, to connect everybody with everything, and that means sharing as much information as possible with other sites—which is something not all users are comfortable with.

So here's a simple way to make sure Facebook doesn't share your information with other websites: Don't log on to these sites with your Facebook profile! That's right, if a website doesn't know you're on Facebook, or who you are on Facebook, it can't link to your Facebook profile.

So when you're prompted to use your Facebook ID to log on to a site, just don't do it. Use your normal ID for that site instead—and if you don't yet have an ID, establish one separate from your Facebook ID.

There's more. When you visit a website, if you see a blue bar at the top of the page informing you that this site is using Facebook "to personalize your experience," you'll also see a "No Thanks" link in the bar. Click "No Thanks," and the site won't use your Facebook data.

In addition, you can configure Facebook to turn off this data-sharing feature, what it calls "instant personalization." From the Choose Your Privacy Settings page, click the Edit Your Settings link in the Applications and Websites section at the bottom of the page.

From the next page, scroll to the Instant Personalization section and click the Edit Settings button. When the next page appears, uncheck the Enable Instant Personalization on Partner Websites option. Facebook will no longer prompt you to nor automatically share your data with other websites.

Figure 5 Disabling Facebook's instant personalization feature

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