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Sharing Your Voicemail

You don't have to keep your voicemails to yourself. You can share them by emailing, downloading, or embedding them in web pages. This can come in handy when someone leaves a message you need to pass on to other people: a changed meeting time, for example, or some good news you want to share. You share voicemails by using the More menu that appears at the bottom of every voicemail.

Emailing a Voicemail

To email someone a voicemail, click the More menu at the bottom of the voicemail and select the Email menu item. When you do, Google Voice opens your email program and adds text to the email, including the link to the voicemail recording. If your registered email account is a Gmail account, Google Voice opens the dialog box you see in Figure 5.11.

Figure 5.11

Figure 5.11 Emailing a voicemail.

Fill in the rest of the email and click the Send button.

Downloading a Voicemail

To download a voicemail recording, locate the voicemail you want, click its More link, and select the Download menu item that appears. Google Voice instructs your web browser to download the voicemail as an .mp3 recording, and your browser displays a dialog box something like the one you see in Figure 5.12 (depending on your browser).

Figure 5.12

Figure 5.12 Downloading a voicemail.

Click OK to download the voicemail.

Embedding a Voicemail in a Web Page

The third way to share a voicemail is to embed it in a web page. That means putting HTML code into the web page to display a clickable control that will play the voicemail. So you can set up a web page where others can listen to the voicemail.

Where do you get that HTML code? Google Voice generates it for you. To get it, find the voicemail you want, click its More link, and select Embed. The HTML you need appears in a dialog box as shown in Figure 5.13.

Figure 5.13

Figure 5.13 Getting the HTML code to embed in a voicemail.

Copy that HTML code and insert it into the web page where you want to let others play the voicemail.

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