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Adding Notes to Voicemail

Have you ever scrambled for a pencil and a piece of paper so you could take notes on a voicemail as you listen? Google Voice makes that a thing of the past by letting you add notes to your voicemail transcripts. In other words, you can annotate voicemail transcripts, entering text to appear beneath the transcript itself.

Notes are useful in many situations—for example, imagine that your boss leaves you a message with a list of five things for you to do. You could add a note to the message and edit that note to keep track of your progress on the to-do list.

To add a note to a voicemail transcript, do this:

  1. Navigate to the Google Voice site and log in (if necessary). Your Inbox is displayed.
  2. Find the voicemail transcript you want, click the More link at the bottom, and select the Add Note menu item. A box appears where you can type in your note, as shown in Figure 5.9.
    Figure 5.9

    Figure 5.9 Adding a note to a transcript.

  3. Enter the text of your note.
  4. Click the Save button. The new note appears beneath the transcript, as shown in Figure 5.10.
    Figure 5.10

    Figure 5.10 A new voicemail note.

You can edit the text of a note simply by clicking the note to open the text in an editing box. Make your changes and click the Save button to keep the changes you made.

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