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You've just seen the 21st-century version of a scrollbar. You have the list that you can flick through, but this is a fast way of—in effect—scrolling through data. It allows you to see more than a single line in a scrolling list does.

iPhone and iPad interfaces to Bento reflect an important difference between those devices and a desktop: Your hands are on your data, because your data is in your hand. (For righties, your data is in your left hand and your right hand is free to tap.)

In all of the screenshots, you're looking at the same data. The different interfaces are intuitive for the device you're using at a given moment, and the built-in synchronization takes care of making your data consistent. If you step back a bit and think about it, you can see the real achievement here: Its all about the data. The only thing that is the same from screenshot to screenshot is the data.

And that's all you care about.

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