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From the author of iPad Enhancements

iPad Enhancements

Bento for iPhone is not a replacement for Bento on the desktop: It's a terrific companion. (In fact, I use it for my to-do list in preference to any other tools. That's because my iPhone with Bento on it is with me more often than any other device.)

But with the launch of Bento for iPad, there's a third interface in the works, and something interesting has happened.

There's another interface, as befits the new device, but what's really interesting is that its elements are remarkably different from what we've seen before. Perhaps the biggest innovation has to do with lists. On the desktop we scroll them with scrollbars. On iPhone, we flick through them with a fingertip. On iPad…well, have a look.

Figure 5 shows the same Bento library you saw before when you run it on iPad.

You see the list of libraries at the left when iPad is horizontal, and you see an individual record at the right. Because there's more space, instead of just seeing that there are six related records as you do on iPhone or seeing more details as you do on the desktop, you see the first handful of them.

Because iPhone and iPad both recognize orientations, just rotating iPad 90 degrees simply hides the list of libraries (see Figure 6).

Now comes the fun part. Tap one of those related records, and you see in Figure 7 its data in a window in front of the main window (a popover in iPad terms).

What do you think the most important interface element is on the popover? It's those arrows at the bottom that take you to the next or previous related record (they're dimmed for the last or first related record).

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