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The Advantage of Automation

Tenet's PINpoint app cracks a most interesting nut for me (Leo). Over 30 years in this industry, I've found that keeping a recovery plan up to date has often been a laborious and time-consuming problem. When LANs started proliferating in 1987, I published about how files could be object-linked from servers to the recovery plan, in order to avoid having to assign someone to do manual updates. Indeed, identification of key databases (personnel phone numbers, equipment inventories, vendor numbers, email addresses, recovery procedures, chains of command, etc.) is half the battle in developing a plan. Now the wireless companies have developed a new angle:

  • All this information now fits on your hip, in your purse, or in your pocket. I'd call that convenient.
  • After the heavy lifting is done in identifying key databases and repositories, that information is sent out to you automatically from time to time. Data fields are standardized to allow for easy export and import automatically. Documents or contact lists can be pushed out to users. Different content can be pushed out to different groups of people. Again, convenient.

According to BlackBerry, the system is managed centrally, and it allows an administrator to define what information will be delivered, by user, and when. With all the hype about cloud computing these days, wouldn't this be an interesting service to provide? The data would be stored offsite as well. (Then again, maybe it already is!)

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