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This chapter is from the book

How This Book Is Structured

The book consists of this introduction and ten chapters. The first chapter defines APF and puts it in context among project-management approaches. The next five chapters (Chapters 2 through 6) are each devoted to one of the five phases of the APF life cycle. Chapters 2 through 6 are all structured the same way. Each chapter begins with an overview of the phase. Its artifacts, processes, and deliverables are then discussed. The chapter ends with a section on one or more of the four case studies introduced below, as appropriate, a summary of the chapter, and several discussion questions for the academic market. Chapter 7 describes variations in the application of APF. Chapter 8 relates APF to Extreme Project Management approaches. Chapter 9 is a collection of frequently asked questions and answers. Chapter 10 takes a step back and positions APF in the context of the project-management landscape, with more of a future orientation.

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