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  • Q I've created a web page, but when I open the file in my web browser, I see all the text including the HTML tags. Sometimes I even see weird gobbledygook characters at the top of the page! What did I do wrong?
  • AYou didn't save the file as plain-text. Try saving the file again, being careful to save it as Text Only or ASCII Text. If you can't quite figure out how to get your word processor to do that, don't stress. Just type your HTML files in Notepad or TextEdit instead and everything should work just fine. (Also, always make sure that the filename of your web page ends in .html or .htm.)
  • Q I've seen web pages on the Internet that don't have <html> tags at the beginning. You said pages always have to start with <html>. What's the deal?
  • A Many web browsers will forgive you if you forget to include the <html> tag and will display the page correctly anyway. However, it's a very good idea to include it because some software does need it to identify the page as valid HTML. Besides, you want your pages to be bona fide XHTML pages so that they conform to the latest web standards.
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