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Previewing Web Pages in Snapshot

With the Snapshot panel (New!), you can preview Web pages for the different browsers installed on your computer right in Expression Web. The Snapshot panel provides a quick and easy way to preview Web pages. The other preview options—Preview in Browser and SuperPreview—in Expression Web, open another program, so they take more time to use. However, you get a more accurate preview. You can use Snapshot panel to display any HTML, PHP, ASP, or ASPX page that you have opened and selected in Expression Web. In the Snapshot panel, you can select a browser, the browser window size, and refresh the screen. The Snapshot panel works like any other panel in Expression Web. You can move and dock it where ever you want.

Preview a Web Page Using the Snapshot Panel

  • light-yellow-circle1.jpg Open the Web page you want to preview.
  • light-yellow-circle2.jpg Click the Panels menu, and then click Snapshot.

    A timer progress meter appears as Expression Web generates the preview snapshot.

  • light-yellow-circle3.jpg To change the browser preview, click the Browser button in the Snapshot panel, and then select the browser you want.
  • light-yellow-circle4.jpg To change browser display size, click the Browser window size button in the Snapshot panel, and then select a window size or Custom Size.
  • light-yellow-circle5.jpg To refresh the contents of the Snapshot panel, click the Always Preview Active Document button in the Snapshot panel.
  • light-yellow-circle6.jpg When you’re done, click the Close button in the Snapshot panel.
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