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Displaying More Details

Let's return for a moment to the Details view, which displays several columns of details about your files. By default, the details displayed are name, date modified, type, and size. But Windows lets you display a lot more different details, which can help you better manage your files.

To display more details in additional columns, right-click the column header row and select one of the details listed in the pop-up menu, or click More. This displays the Choose Details dialog box, shown in Figure 6.18. This dialog box gives you a huge array of details you can display about items in this folder, everything from 35mm focal length (for digital photos) to language to word count. Check those details you want to display, and then click OK.

Figure 6.18

Figure 6.18 Displaying additional file details.

This is a really great feature, one that most users don't delve into, that lets you drill down into specific details about your files. Want to display f-stop and exposure information about your digital photos? How about manufacturer and model information about product files? Bitrate and contributing artists for music files? Parental ratings? Vertical resolution? Closed captioning? These are all details you can display—and that help you figure out what's what on your hard disk.

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