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Displaying the Menu Bar

There's one more screen element you might choose to display—especially if you're an old-timer, like me. You see, even though Microsoft does a good job placing context-sensitive operations on the Explorer toolbar, I still prefer the old-school pull-down menu bar that used to be part and parcel of just about every window in Windows. Well, Microsoft is doing away with menu bars, but still offers that option if you want to work at it. I do.

I simply find it easier to find things on the traditional menu bar, shown in Figure 6.6. For example, I know that file operations can always be found on the File menu, and that view options can be found on the View menu. Very little guessing involved.

Figure 6.6

Figure 6.6 The Windows Explorer menu bar—not displayed by default.

To that end, you can opt to permanently display the Windows Explorer menu bar. Follow these steps:

  1. From within Windows Explorer, select Organize, Layout.
  2. Check the Menu Bar option.
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