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From the author of Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler

While Windows XP includes Scheduled Tasks, the Task Scheduler included in Windows 7 is a much more powerful tool. Based on Windows Vista's Task Scheduler, Windows 7's Task Scheduler (Figure 12) includes a library of Windows utilities and installed third-party applications that are scheduled to run at various times.

Figure 12 Task Scheduler is used to automatically run Windows Defender scans.

Windows 7's Task Scheduler uses a tabbed interface to specify security and general settings (General), when the task runs (Triggers), what the task performs (Actions), what conditions need to exist to run the task (Conditions), how the task operates (Settings), and information about previous operations of the task (History).

To set up a new scheduled task, you can use a wizard to create a task, as in Windows XP. To get started, select Create Basic Task from the Actions menu in the right pane. Or, to use the tabbed interface to set up a new scheduled task, select Create Task instead.

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