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From the author of Creating a Homegroup

Creating a Homegroup

Once each Windows 7 computer you want to add to a homegroup is configured with a network location of Home, the stage is set for creating a homegroup. Start the process by opening the Control Panel on one of these computers.

  1. Click Choose Homegroup and Sharing Options from the Network and Internet category (Figure 3) or from the Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Figure 3 Preparing to create a homegroup from within the Network and Internet category of Control Panel.

  3. When you open this dialog for the first time, note that there is no homegroup on the network. Click Create a Homegroup to set up a homegroup (Figure 4).
  4. Figure 4 Preparing to create a homegroup.

  5. On the next dialog (Figure 5), specify what you want to share. By default, Pictures, Music, Videos, and Printers are shared.
  6. To share Documents, click the empty Documents checkbox.
  7. If you don't want to share an item, clear its checkbox.
  8. Click Next to continue.
  9. Figure 5 Specifying what you want to share with the homegroup.

  10. The next dialog displays the password Windows 7 assigns to your homegroup (Figure 6 shows a typical example). Use the Print Password and Instructions link visible in Figure 6 to print out the homegroup password. The same password is used by all computers connecting to the homegroup.
  11. Figure 6 Windows 7 provides a password to the homegroup.

  12. Click Finish to complete creating the homegroup.
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