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From the author of Managing Wireless Connections

Managing Wireless Connections

As you have learned, Windows 7 prompts you to save a wireless connection as soon as you start the connection process. To manage wireless connections, open the Network and Sharing Center (you can open it from either the wireless network connection dialog in the notification area or from Control Panel). Click the Manage Wireless Networks link in the left panel (Figure 9) to get started.

Figure 9 Opening the Manage Wireless Connections dialog from the Network and Sharing Center.

The wireless network connections management dialog (Figure 10) is used to add, remove, or reorder wireless network connections. You can also display the properties of the wireless adapter, select a profile type, or open the Network and Sharing Center.

Figure 10 The Manage Wireless Connections dialog.

The wireless network connection at the top of the list is the preferred network. To move a different connection to the top of the list, select it and click Move Up until it is at the top of the list.

To remove a connection that you no longer use, select it and click Remove.

To add a connection, click Add and provide the information needed, such as SSID, encryption type, encryption key, and so on.

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