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From the author of Working with Suggested Sites

Working with Suggested Sites

Interested in finding more websites you might like or find useful? Then here's another interesting new feature in Internet Explorer 8 you might want to check out.

IE8's suggested sites feature, when enabled, uses your browsing history to suggest other websites you might like to visit. It looks at sites you've recently visited and puts together a list of similar sites and pages. It's a great way to find new and interesting stuff on the web.

To enable suggested sites in IE8, click the Tools button on the Command bar and select Suggested Sites. When prompted, click Yes. That's all there is to it; IE8 now does its thing, finding sites that it thinks you might be interested in.

Once suggested sites is enabled, you display a list of suggested sites by clicking the Favorites button, selecting the Feeds tab, and then clicking Suggested Sites (see Figure 4). You now see a Suggested Sites page; click any link to view a suggested site.

Figure 4 A list of suggested sites.

Some might find suggested sites useful; others might find it a worrisome intrusion on their privacy. If you're among the latter, you can disable the suggested sites feature by clicking the Tools button and unchecking Suggested Sites.

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