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Love and Protect Your Econosphere

If you understand the Econosphere, you can better protect it from harm, just as many seek to do with the biosphere. And when you understand its natural laws, you are much more likely to thrive within it because an understanding of the laws of the Econosphere cannot help but give you an advantage over others who, sadly, might believe that their lot in life is done to them, not by them. Understanding the Econosphere's functioning and rules can give you the ability to concentrate on where you can add the most value, improve your information so that you can make superior decisions, and to generally be at peace with a social environment that best serves your needs by being allowed to function naturally.

When you don't understand the forces at play in the world you're living in, anything and everything can be terrifying. But when you have the tools to properly understand and translate information as it comes to you, whether it is in understanding the pros and cons of a candidate's proposed public policy, why the job market functions as it does, why the marketplace prices goods and services higher or lower, or even why you make the life and work decisions that you make, there comes a peace of mind.

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