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How Vanish Works

A "vanishing message" doesn't actually vanish; what one has is a block of cryptotext that cannot be deciphered. But that's good enough.

From the Vanish website overview page:

  • We leverage an unusual storage media in a novel way—namely, global-scale peer-to-peer networks.
  • Vanish creates a secret key to encrypt a user's data item (such as an email).
  • It breaks the key into many pieces and then sprinkles the pieces across the P2P network.
  • As machines constantly join and leave the P2P network, the pieces of the key gradually disappear.
  • By the time the hacker or someone with a subpoena actually tries to obtain access to the message, the pieces of the key will have permanently disappeared.

The software in its default mode will make a message effectively vanish within eight hours. Control settings in the software make it possible for that message to last longer.

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