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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Customizing Your iPod touch for Music

You can use iPod touch as an iPod just fine without performing any of the steps in this section. However, because this book is named My iPod touch, you should explore these options to make iPod touch your own.

Configuring iPod touch’s Music Toolbar

The five buttons at the bottom of the Music screen enable you to get to specific content quickly. You can choose four of the buttons that appear on the screen to make accessing content by the categories that are most useful to you even easier and faster.


  1. Move to the More screen.
  2. Tap Edit. The Configure screen appears.
  3. Drag the button you want to add to the toolbar to the location of one of the buttons currently there. As you hover over the current button, it lights up to show you that it will be the one replaced when you lift your finger. The button you dragged replaces the button over which you placed it. The original button is moved onto the Configure screen.
  4. Repeat step 3 until the four buttons you want to be on the toolbar are there. (The fifth button is always the More button.)
  5. Drag the buttons on the toolbar around until they are in the order you want them to be.
  6. Tap the Done button located in the upper-right corner of the screen. The iPod toolbar contains the buttons you placed on it along with the More button.

Configuring iPod touch’s Music Settings

There are a few Music settings you use to configure various aspects of iPod touch’s audio functionality.

  1. Tap the Home button to move back to iPod touch’s Home.
  2. Tap Settings. The Settings screen appears.
  3. Tap Music. The Music Settings screen appears.
  4. Tap ON next to Shake to Shuffle if you don’t want your iPod touch to shuffle to the next song when you shake it. The status becomes OFF, which means if you shake your iPod touch, songs play in the order they are listed in the source you are playing. Press OFF to enable shuffling by shaking again.
  5. Tap Sound Check if you want iPod touch to attempt to even the volume of the music you play so that all the songs play at about the same relative volume level. Sound Check’s status is indicated by OFF or ON. When you tap the Sound Check button, its status toggles from one to the other.
  6. To set an equalizer, tap the EQ bar. The EQ screen appears.
  7. Scroll the screen to see all of the equalizers available to you.
  8. Tap the equalizer you want iPod touch to use when you play music; the current equalizer is indicated by the check mark. To turn the equalizer off, select Off.
  9. Tap Music.
  10. To set a limit to the volume level on iPod touch, tap Volume Limit. The Volume Limit screen appears.
  11. Drag the volume slider to the point that you want the maximum volume level to be.
  12. To lock this control so that it can’t be changed without a passcode, tap Lock Volume Limit. The Set Code screen appears.
  13. Tap a four-digit code.
  14. Re-enter the code to confirm it. If the code matches, you return to the Volume Limit screen, and the code is set.
  15. To make changes to a locked volume limit, tap Unlock Volume Limit.
  16. Enter the code. The volume limit is unlocked, and you can change it again.
  17. Tap Music to move back to the Music Settings screen.
  18. Tap Settings to return to the Settings screen.
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