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The Least You Need to Know

This chapter showed you how to make Windows Millennium actually do something useful for a change. You learned how to start programs; how to boss around programs using their drop-down menus, toolbars, and dialog boxes; how to switch between running programs; and how to quit a program. Here's the Reader's Digest condensed version of what happened:

Crib Notes

Starting a program  Click the Start button to display the Start menu, and then click the command or submenus required to launch the program.

Selecting a pull-down menu command  First display the menu by clicking its name in the menu bar, and then click the command.

Dialog box command buttons  Click OK to put dialog box settings into effect; click Cancel to bail out of a dialog box without doing anything; click Help to view the program's Help system.

Switching between running programs  Click the taskbar buttons. Alternatively, click the program window if you can see a chunk of it or press Alt+Tab.

Quitting a program  Click the Close (X) button. You can also usually get away with selecting the program's File, Exit command or pressing Alt+F4.

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