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Develop Your Job Hunting Tactics: Timesaving Tips and Tools to Be a Smarter Searcher

Again, the key to success in finding your dream job—online or otherwise—is research. The Web makes this easy; however, it can be time-consuming. But before you can prepare your top-notch self-marketing materials, you should do some research to know what employers are looking for.

After that research is complete, you can follow the steps outlined in this chapter to create not only the package, but the presentation and figuring out how to get your package in front of employers.

Don't spin your wheels and waste time looking for a job you don't want or can't get. If you haven't done a skills assessment or job-readiness evaluation, reconsider doing so. If you know what you want, though, and all you need is a way to go about getting it, read on.

So, first, decide on a plan of action based on your unique needs as a job seeker. And then, the real work begins.

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