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Define Your Transferable Skills

Transferable skills involve doing something with people, data, or things. The more complex the function, the more specialized and valuable the skill. To determine your transferable skill set, take a sheet of paper or word processor and create column headings with these categories: people, data, things (machinery, equipment), communication, leadership, creativity. Under each heading start with "I am good at...." For example:


    When dealing with data, I'm good at...

  • record keeping and filing

  • helping others retrieve information

  • compiling

  • researching

  • fact-checking

  • memorizing

  • paying attention to details

Better yet, go online and find a virtual transferable skills test. One of the better ones is available at career-3.wustl.edu/cps/self/transfer.htm at Washington University in St. Louis' Career Center (see Figure 3.3). The site has a Career Prep Series (CPS) Skills Search to help you identify your skills by taking Transferable, Self-Management, and Job-Content skills inventories. A must-see for any job seeker looking to gain the competitive advantage in the job search.

Figure 3.3 The Career Prep Series Skills tools help you identify career interests, job readiness, and define transferable skills.

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