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This chapter is from the book

What’s Coming Up

Chapter 1 exposes lies and shows you how to get the cheapest loan ever.

When you apply for a mortgage or refinance, the first thing the lender wants to know is your credit rating. Now like never before, credit is king. So, Chapters 2–3 provide updated information on the credit requirements, and how to raise your score faster than you ever thought possible.

Chapter 4 reveals the secret to getting bad credit deleted from your credit profile, including an actual letter I wrote (that you may copy) to get a collection account removed, pronto.

Chapter 5 is a practical five-step plan for people who want to own their own home.

Chapter 6 is for all the good folks who had a foreclosure or short sale and now want to buy a home again.

Chapter 7 is important for every citizen: how to protect yourself from crooks who want to steal your good name. Since ID theft is the fastest-growing crime in America, it’s time to get tough and outsmart the hoodlums.

Chapters 8–19 reveal insider tips that can save you thousands of dollars when you buy a home or refinance. Avoid bogus junk fees and get the lowest rate with this information.

Chapter 20 is a unique perspective on real estate agents. It answers such questions as, “Is my real estate agent making a killing, at my expense?” and “Will I get a better deal if I call the agent on the for sale sign?” This information is for both buyers and sellers.

Chapters 21–23 separate truth from fiction and show you how to avoid being ripped off when doing a refinance. Warning: If you have equity in your home, you’re a sitting duck for greedy loan sharks.

Chapter 24 covers special loans and situations, such as getting a Home Equity Line of Credit, a Reverse Mortgage, a Kiddie Condo for your collegiate, and more.

Chapters 25–28 will blow your socks off, as they expose the newest scams and ploys designed to take money out of your pocket and set the loan officer laughing all the way to the bank.

Chapter 29 reveals what goes on behind the scenes with appraisals and why the new HVCC law has loan officers fuming.

Chapter 30 is a wrap-up, a personal message, and resource information.

Feel free to browse the chapter titles and subheads and skip around to the topics that interest you most. When you’re finished reading, I’d love to hear from you. You can send me an e-mail via my Web site at www.AskCarolynWarren.com.

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