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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using Desktop Gadgets

Windows 7 improves Windows Vista’s use of gadgets (small desktop programs) by freeing them from the side of the monitor. In Windows 7, you can place desktop gadgets wherever you’d like on the desktop, and you can use gadgets developed for Windows Vista as well as those developed for Windows 7.

  • circle-01.jpg Right-click an empty portion of the desktop.
  • circle-02.jpg Select Gadgets.

  • circle-03.jpg The Desktop Gadget Gallery appears.
  • circle-04.jpg To place a gadget on your desktop, double-click the appropriate icon or drag the gadget to the desktop.

  • circle-05.jpg To adjust settings for any gadget, move your mouse to the right side of the gadget and select the setup (wrench) icon.
  • circle-06.jpg Select or enter the desired options and click OK when finished.
  • circle-07.jpg To drag a gadget, move the mouse to the right of the gadget and click Drag Gadget.
  • circle-08.jpg Move the gadget as desired, and release the left mouse button to place the gadget.
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