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Ripping a CD to Your Hard Disk

Windows Media Player lets you copy music from your CDs to your PC’s hard drive. You can then listen to these digital audio files on your computer, transfer the files to a portable music player, or burn your own custom mix CDs. This process of copying files from a CD to your hard disk is called ripping.

  • circle-01.jpg Insert the CD you want to rip into your PC’s CD-ROM drive.
  • circle-02.jpg Switch to the larger WMP window by clicking Switch to Library.
  • circle-03.jpg Make sure the CD is selected in the navigation pane. Then set the recording format by clicking Rip Settings, Format, and then selecting either Windows Media Audio or MP3.

    For near-universal compatibility with other music player software and hardware, rip to the MP3 format. For slightly better audio quality with smaller file sizes, rip to the Windows Media Audio (WMA) format.

  • circle-04.jpg Select the recording quality by clicking Rip Settings, Audio Quality and then selecting the desired bit rate.
  • circle-05.jpg Put a check mark by the tracks you want to copy.
  • circle-06.jpg When you’ve selected which tracks to rip, click Rip CD.
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