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The Definition of a Career Framework

Do an Internet search on the words “career framework,” and you will find literally thousands of websites in which all manner of organizations—large and small, public and private—have implemented a framework to guide employees in the development of their careers. The sites will contain many common words and phrases, such as skills, competencies, training and learning, career path, career progression, succession planning, gaps in skills and competencies, capabilities, opportunities, and more. Some frameworks are targeted at ensuring employees have the critical skills needed to satisfy customer demand and/or to achieve organizational goals. Other frameworks tackle longer-range career progression challenges such as how employees cannot only serve organizational goals by growing their skills, but also how they can enrich their lives through developing their careers along a particular path or even by changing paths over time. Others view the career framework as an enabler for succession planning. The possibilities seem to be endless—and they are defined differently from organization to organization.

In this chapter, an overview of IBM’s new career framework is presented, which when fully implemented, will be the backbone for how employees progress in their careers. It is also a major component of IBM’s expertise management system. The framework will be supported by a structured career development process that all employees currently utilize. Subsequent chapters describe IBM’s current career development process in depth and show how it provides the appropriate guidance for employees to grow the expertise needed to perform their current and future job roles. In addition, throughout the book, we highlight where applicable, on-going changes to the current career development process based on a need for continuous improvement.

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