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Fundamentally, commerce can be seen as simply buying and selling. Companies whose business is to sell products can employ many methods to grow their business. With online commerce, it is common that a company might want to create multiple sites to increase its revenue or to maintain its market share.

We listed several typical situations in which multiple sites are important to the success of the company's business. Table 1.1 summarizes these scenarios and the major differences between sites.

Table 1.1. Summary of Multisite Commerce Scenarios

Multisite Scenario


Major Differences Between Sites

Country sites

Sites for USA, UK, Germany, Japan, China


Products and prices customized to local needs

Taxes, shipping, payment

Presentation style

Local regulations

Brand sites

Upscale brand versus value merchandise brand

Brands focused on different products Acquired companies


Presentation and site flow

Shipping, payment, and other business rules

Market segment sites

B2B and B2C: Sites dedicated to business versus consumer customers

B2B sites targeted to industry segments

B2C sites targeted to homogeneous group, such as women, men, or adolescents

Presentation and site flow

Product selection for each segment

Prices adjusted to segment needs

Segment-specific content

Product division sites

Company has one brand but many product lines, each managed by a different division

Each division has different products

Business rules

Large customer sites

Sites customized to the needs of large customers

Products might be created specifically for the customer

Large customers require unique business rules

The scenarios that lead to the need to have multiple sites have common characteristics in the way that the sites are created and managed. For example, in all situations, the company needs to create sites easily, and each site must have full control and manageability, as if it were the only site of the business.

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