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TVA attack graphs map all the potential paths of vulnerability, showing how attackers can penetrate a network. TVA identifies critical vulnerabilities and provides strategies for protecting critical network assets. This enables you to take a more proactive stance, hardening the network before attacks occur, handling intrusion detection more effectively, and appropriately responding to attacks.

TVA models the network configuration, including software, their vulnerabilities, and connectivity to vulnerable services. It then matches the network configuration against a database of modeled attacker exploits for simulating multistep attack penetration. During simulation, the attack graph can be constrained according to user-defined attack scenarios. From the resulting attack graphs, TVA computes recommendations for optimal network hardening. It also provides sophisticated visualization capabilities for interactive attack graph exploration and what-if analysis. TVA attack graphs support numerous metrics that quantify overall network security (for trending or comparative analyses).

By mapping attack paths to the network topology, you can deploy intrusion detection sensors to cover all paths using a minimum number of sensors. Attack graphs then provide the necessary context for correlating and prioritizing intrusion alerts, based on known paths of network vulnerability. Standardization of alert data formats and models facilitates the integration between TVA and IDSs.

By mapping intrusion alarms to the attack graph, you can correlate alarms into multistep attacks and prioritize alarms based on distance from critical network assets. Furthermore, through knowledge of network vulnerability paths, you can formulate the best options for responding to attacks. Overall, attack graphs offer powerful capabilities for proactive network defense, transforming raw security data into actionable intelligence.

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