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  1. The Corporate Bench
  2. In Consulting, *You* Are the Profit Center
  3. Got Network?
  4. Learning the Novel
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From the author of In Consulting, *You* Are the Profit Center

In Consulting, *You* Are the Profit Center

As a technology consultant, you are what you bill—but at least billing is revenue. When the CFO cuts all the consultants from a given company, you stop producing revenue, but you probably still have your job. (Hint: If you don't have a job just because your gig ended, you probably weren't work for a consulting company—just conned into thinking that you were).

Of course, neither situation is really that good. But in the consulting scenario, at least you have a professional demand-generation team trying to find work for you (or they don't get any revenue). And there might be other projects around where you could make a contribution. Salary continues to come in, at least for awhile. Everybody is nervous when on the bench, but you have time—even if only a month or two, during which your demand-generation team may be able to find billing work for you.

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