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  1. Make the Last Play Count
  2. Let Your Light Shine
  3. Make a Good Choice With Your Last Play of a Season
  4. Security
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Make a Good Choice with Your Last Play of a Season

A woman stood alongside a river, carrying a sack. Walking by her, a very hungry man asked if she had any food. “Yes,” she said and opened the sack. When she did, the man spotted a precious stone inside and he asked her if he could have the stone instead. “Certainly,” she said and easily gave it to him. He walked away, thinking, “I will never be hungry again. This stone is worth the kind of money that will allow me to eat for the rest of my life.” But then, he turned around and returned the stone to the woman. He said, “I do not want the stone. I want what is in you that enabled you to give me that stone.”

The precious secret, just like the one this woman had, starts inside—and you find it by realizing what you love to spend your time with. Match that love with your one gift you are developing, the thing you do better than anything else, and then time is irrelevant; it just flies by. Time flying means you are in your “sweet spot.” Match those two things—love and your gift with your time—and you bring out your best. Get your thoughts, actions and spoken words aligned and congruent to bring out of you in that season what is in you, not only to do more, but to be more and to bring to you what you now deserve.

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