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From the author of #3. NLP = Success

#3. NLP = Success

A good social engineer has a strong grasp on how to manipulate the human mind. Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is one psychological tool used by social engineers to manipulate people that, when done right, is highly successful. NLP deals with a person’s neurological processes, language, and learned behavior responses. While NLP was originally designed to be used in therapeutic settings, it has principles social engineers use to manipulate people to do almost anything the social engineer wants.

For example, if I am using NLP to socially engineer someone, I will seek ways to use my body language and a careful selection of words to give subconscious messages to the person I am trying to manipulate. I will begin by matching my body language with the other’s body language. I will also match my breathing rate, voice level, accent, and vocabulary with the other person. Doing this helps me to build rapport on a subconscious level. I may then give other subconscious messages by changing my body language, smiling and lightly touching the person on their shoulder or arm, and using words that denote positive thoughts, images, and emotions. All of these tactile, visual, and verbal actions (called anchoring and reframing in NLP terms) give subconscious messages that influence the person to have positive feelings and gain a sense of rapport with me. I can then direct the communication to what I am after, such as gathering information about a company’s secrets.

NLP is especially successful if you combine it with an understanding of personality styles and behavior profiling. It takes practice, but is extremely successful.

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