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From the author of #5. Catch Me a Vish

#5. Catch Me a Vish

Not having much success with phishing or whaling? Try vishing! Vishing is an attack that uses the phone to perform the equivalent of a phishing attack.

A common example, and one that is highly effective, is to have a war dialer call a list of numbers automatically and play a recorded message. When the phone is answered, the recorded message may say that the call is from the person’s bank and that their credit card may be compromised. The “victims” are asked to call a number to resolve the issue. The user calls the number and hears another automated message that prompts the victim to enter his or her credit card number, PIN, address, and whatever else the social engineer may want.

Another popular variation of a vishing attack is sending the original message through a text message to a cell phone instead of calling the person directly.

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