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From the author of Adding Shared Printers to Computers

Adding Shared Printers to Computers

Again, you may have already figured out how to set up basic printer haring; but we'll review the steps just in case.

On the computers you want to print from, you must add the shared printer. There are two ways to go about doing this.

I think the easier way is to open Network or My Network Places, browse to the shared computer, right-click on the icon of the shared printer, and click Connect (see Figure 2).

This will add the shared printer to the computer and you should be good to go.

The approach you'll see thoroughly discussed on the Internet is to use the Add a Printer Wizard, which seems to take a bit more effort than just browsing to and connecting to the printer.

If you prefer doing it this way, open the Control Panel, browse to the Printer (or Printer and Faxes) window, and click the Add Printer icon.

Using the wizard that appears, specify that it's a network (not a local) printer, and then browse for and select the printer.

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