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Further Reading

When it comes to the .NET Framework, VB.NET, and ADO.NET we have only scratched the surface. These technologies are all book-length topics in their own right. The following books are sources that we have found to be useful for a general introduction to VB.NET and to ADO.NET.

Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Version 2003

Authored by Francesco Balena

ISBN# 0735620598—Microsoft Press

Unfortunately, this book has not been updated since VB.NET 2003 was released. However, it provides an excellent introduction to the .NET Framework and to VB.NET, as well as to other related technologies such as ADO.NET. It explicitly targets Classic VB developers who are moving to the .NET platform.

Visual Basic 2008 Programmer's Reference

Authored by Rod Stephens

ISBN# 0470182628—Wrox

This book offers a light introduction to VB.NET that explicitly targets beginning to intermediate level developers. This is a practical book about the .NET Framework, VS IDE, and VB.NET, written well in plain English. The only thing that may be annoying is that some screen shots are oversized. Hopefully this will be corrected in later editions of the book.

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