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Getting Photos from a Mobile Phone

If you have a Nokia phone, Photoshop Elements recognizes the phone when you connect it to your computer with a cable and can import the photos directly from the phone. Instead of using this task, you should use the instructions for Getting Photos from a Camera or Card Reader. For all other mobile phones, you can use the From Files and Folders command shown in this task. You start by sending the photos to your computer from your phone. Then you import them using the same steps you would use to import any photos stored on your computer’s hard drive.

Import Photos from a Mobile Phone

  • yellow_circle_01.jpg In the Organizer, click the File menu, and then point to Get Photos and Videos.
  • yellow_circle_02.jpg Click From Files and Folders.
  • yellow_circle_03.jpg Navigate to the folder location (such as Cell Phone pix) from which you want to import the photos.
  • yellow_circle_04.jpg Select the folder or the specific photo files you want to import.
  • yellow_circle_05.jpg Select the Automatically Fix Red Eyes check box to automatically correct red eyes for photos that need it when you import the files.
  • yellow_circle_06.jpg Click Get Photos.
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