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Getting Photos by Searching

Instead of manually looking for photos and other media files to import into the Organizer, you can have Photoshop Elements search your computer and then automatically import them. You can select options to exclude system and program folders, which typically don’t contain photos, and exclude small files, which typically are not large enough to be photos. These options help speed up the search. As you import files into the Organizer, you can have Photoshop Elements automatically fix red eye on any photos that need it.

Search for Photos on Your Computer

  • yellow_circle_01.jpg In the Organizer, click the File menu, and then point to Get Photos and Videos.
  • yellow_circle_02.jpg Click By Searching.
  • yellow_circle_03.jpg Click the Look In list arrow, and then select the location where you want to perform the search.
  • yellow_circle_04.jpg Select the Exclude System and Program Folders check box to exclude folders from the search that typically don’t contain photos.
  • yellow_circle_05.jpg Select the Exclude Files Smaller Than xxx KB check box to exclude small files that typically are not large enough to be photos.

    You can specify the size you want in kilobytes.

  • yellow_circle_06.jpg Click Search.
  • yellow_circle_07.jpg Select the folders with the photos you want to import. Press Ctrl to select more than one folder.
  • yellow_circle_08.jpg Select the Automatically Fix Red Eyes check box to automatically correct red eyes for photos that need it when you import the files.
  • yellow_circle_09.jpg Click Import Folders.
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