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Backing Up a Catalog

After you have worked with photos and media files in the Organizer for a while, it’s important to back up the catalog, so you don’t lose any information if you have problems with your computer. You can back up the currently opened catalog to a CD, DVD, or hard drive location. Photoshop Elements uses a wizard to make it easy to perform a backup.

Back Up a Catalog

  • yellow_circle_01.jpg In the Organizer, open the catalog you want to back up.
    • If prompted, click Reconnect to locate missing or moved files.
  • yellow_circle_02.jpg Click the File menu, and then click Backup Catalog to CD, DVD or Hard Drive.
  • yellow_circle_03.jpg On first use, click the Full Backup option. If you have already performed a full backup, click the Incremental Backup option.
  • yellow_circle_04.jpg Click Next.
  • yellow_circle_05.jpg Select a destination drive.
  • yellow_circle_06.jpg Specify any of the following options that apply to the selected destination:
    • Name. Specify a backup name.

    • Write Speed. Select a speed to write a CD or DVD.

    • Backup Path. Click Browse to select a location.

    • Previous Backup File. Click Browse to select a file.

  • yellow_circle_07.jpg Click Done to perform the backup.
  • yellow_circle_08.jpg Click OK upon completion.
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